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Out with cvangtlicht

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 blog, party

On Friday, I went with cvangtlicht to Petrol Club where Chase&Status was playing. Wanting to try out some party photography, I brought the camera along for the ride.
Sadly, one battery of my “good” set died earlier that day and this left me with just one set with a lower mAh.
Stuck with slow recycle times and a set that could run out at any minute, I decided to shoot at ISO 6400.
Images can be found here with a fair bit of noise.


I found it difficult to move through the massive crowd to get the shot. Not to mention, avoiding someone blocking line of sight or having one of the other 5 photographers in the middle of shot. I don’t know how C does it, but he seems to manage really well. I myself prefer to have some movement space.

To be continued? Maybe.. Although not having the camera and bag smell like an ashtray is pretty nice :)

The party itself was off the hook! Chase&Status delivered as expected. And it turns out there is such a thing as good dubstep, not the boring stuff I heard before… go figure :-)

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